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Welcome to Interstate Auto Auction, located at 20 Hampshire Rd.Salem, NH, We have our auction every Wednesday starting at 6pm. We are the only public auto auction in newengland that will sell to anyone. There is no need to have a special license or permit to purchase a vehicle at our public auction. Please come to Interstate Auto Auction to choose from our 270 + vehicles every week.
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Registration Process

Now that you have arrived in the office, ready to register to bid. You will receive a bidder's packet and bidder's number. Avalid driver is required for the person who will be registering the vehicle. Our registration process is free. We will go through the auction rules,fees and methods of payment.

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Bidding And The Auction Bay

Folks... now that you have been through the registration process let me walk you through the auction bay. Every vehicle will pass down through this lane every vehicle in line numerically. Every vehicle will pass the auction block located on your right. You will have a vehicle run-list catalog that will give you the vehicles detailed information.

Coming Soon Receiving Keys Title To Complete Your Purchase

Congratulations !! you were the winning bidder on the vehicle you were biddding on. You have left your $ 300.00 deposit out at the auction lower block. If you paid by credit card you will be walked into the office to complete the purchase process. All paper work takes about 30 minutes to complete.



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Interstate Auto Auction
20 Hampshire Road | Salem NH 03079
Phone: 603-893-7777 | Fax: 603-893-7117
Email: carauction@comcast.net

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