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Testimonies See what winning bidders think about Interstate Auto Auction.


Rex Trailer New England T.V. Legend

New England T.V. legend Rex Trailer of WBZ-TV "Boomtown" fame recently purchased this Cadillac at Interstate Auto Auction. Says Rex, "I think the auction is great. I love it because of the excitement. It's a great place for the public to get a great deal." Rex Trailer is currently a professor and director at Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Rex Trailer At Interstate Auto Auction Video

(Rex Trailer's Website)

Long H.
Long H. purchased online a 2002 Toyota Solara with 79k for $8,000 on August 16, 2006. Here is a great example of how you can win a great car at Interstate Auto Auction.  Long heard about our auction online.  Long is a test engineer from Colorado who moved to Massachusetts.  When Long came to our auction he opted to come in the morning when not as many customers are test driving cars.  Long basically had all 250 plus cars to test drive for himself because he came in early.  He then went home and placed his bid online through our web site.  Long with one word summed up his experience at our auction by saying it was, "easy". We were pleased that we could help Long with his purchase.

Jamie purchased a 2000 Dodge Intrepid with 105k on August 23, 2006. Here is another example of how you can win a great car at Interstate Auto Auction. Jamie and her father Jim heard about our auction online.  This was Jamie's first time at an auction and she saved thousands off retail with her high bid!


Jacob & Son

Meet Jacob and Little Bill.  They are the proud new owners of this sweet Land Rover.  Jacob who is currently in the Navy working as an aviation engineer, purchased this Land Rover online.  When asked to give any thoughts about our auction Jacob commented, "I looked up the book value on it and it was $6,200 and I paid $3,200 for it!".  Jacob while smiling, went on to say that, "this was my first auction experience and would not be my last."  Originally from Houston, Texas Jacob now resides with his wife and Little Bill in Brunswick, Maine.

Jacob At Interstate Auto Auction Video

Wendell & Family

Witness for yourself Wendell's wonderful family who won big at Interstate Auto Auction!  For this amazing 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee with leather interior Wendell paid only $6,100.  Wendell, who is originally from Kansas City, purchased this Grand Cherokee for his lovely wife Martha.  Wendell and Martha now reside in Lynn, Massachusetts where Wendell works for a premium mail service company.  Martha summed her experience at Interstate Auto Auction by saying we made her, "very happy!".  Click on the live video to see how Wendell felt!

Wendell At Interstate Auto Auction Video

Patricia & Derek

Patricia and here son Derek traveled all the way from the great state of Tennessee to purchase this stunning silver 1998 VW Passat at our auction.  Patricia is a retired medical center administrator while Derek is a General Manager of a major Hotel.  Currently living in Maryville, Tennessee Patricia said that the experience at our auction was, "Superb, great, and magnificent!"  Patricia went on to add that she is, "looking forward to coming back" to see us.  Derek added that he was, "very happy with the price." $3050!  Both Patricia and Derek were delightful to talk to.  Interstate Auto Auction loves helping out customers every week obtain happiness.

Patricia At Interstate Auto Auction Video

Hello from Bejjing China!  Meet Caspper and his newly purchased 2000 Volvo V40 with only 68 thousand miles.  Caspper is currently living in Manchester, New Hampshire where he goes to Southern New Hampshire College.  Caspper is 22 years old and majors in IT support.  Caspper says, he loves Interstate Auto Auction because, "It is so exciting and I save thousands of dollars!".  As you can hear in this video this is not Caspper's first purchase at our Auction and something tells us it certaintly won't be his last. 

Caspper At Interstate Auto Auction Video

Tom & Cherry

All the way from Homer, Alaska Tom and Cherry who purchased online a 2001 Ford Windstar for $1700.  Naturally our Auction was intrigued to know what would motivate a nice Alaskan couple to travel over 3,000 miles. Tom, a project manager in construction, stated that, "for one year" he had been searching for a car and once he saw our auction on the internet and spoke with our staff he knew we were the right fit for him.  Cherry, a registed nurse, said that her experience was, "very good and enjoyable".  Tom enthusastically went on to add that our office manager, "Diana was very helpful" and that everytime he had a question he recieved, "immediate responses."  Tom finished by saying, "If I had a chance to do it all over again I would in a minute! "

Tom & Cherry At Interstate Auto Auction Video




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