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Dealer and Government Used Car Auctions

Dealer and Government used car auctions have traditionally been available only to licensed car dealers. At Interstate Auto Auction our auctions are available to the public. That means you get the opportunity to purchase a high-quality, well-maintained used car at wholesale prices!

Types of Car Auctions

While Interstate Auto Auction runs a public car auction every week, the used cars available at auction come from a variety of .sources in including car dealers and government auctions.

What are Car Dealer Auctions?

Car Dealer Auctions, are used car auctions that have traditionally been available only to dealers. Interstate Auto Auction has used cars available from dealer auctions. The types of used cars we get a car dealer auction usually fall into three categories:

  • Cars that are returned after their lease expires.
  • Brands of used cars that a dealer received as a trade in, but does not normally sell.
  • Used cars over 4 years old that car dealers don't want on their lots.

What are Government Car Auctions?

Government car auctions, sometimes called police auctions, are used cars (usually impounded cars and/or decommissioned cars) that a government agency no longer wants or needs.  These cars often provide a good buying opportunity on a used car. Interstate Auto Auction makes it easier to check on the history of cars from government auctions by providing the vehicle identification number (VIN number) of the cars for sale, so you can get vehicle history reports on the cars that interest you before the auction.



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