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Thank you for considering Interstate Auto Auction to assist you with selling your vehicle.

How it works:

In order to sell your vehicle, you need to call us at 603-893-777 and set up an appointment to bring your car for evaluation to our location at Interstate Auto Auction 20 Hampshire Road in Salem, NH 03079.  All you need is the vehicle, the keys, the title with the Owner/s presenting a valid driver’s license/state issued ID and a $200 registration fee cash, credit or debit.

Our office staff will evaluate your vehicle and give you an idea of how much your vehicle typically sells for at our auction. You will have the option of setting a minimum selling price (“floor price”). We recommend that you keep in mind our customers want a good deal and usually our cars sell at Auction for 30%-60% off the Kelly Blue Book Retail price. If your vehicle does not yield the desired floor price at the first auction, it may run in one additional auction and you can let us know if you want to lower your floor price.

We only sell GREEN LIGHT vehicles, which are defined as having a good running engine & transmission that does not need to be completely replaced, with no major safety issues.  We accept clean Titles ONLY.

After your car passes the Green Light evaluation we will take multiple photos and create a description of your vehicle for publication on our web site, in our online advertising resources and auction gallery catalogs.  You will also have to fill out a “Sell Your Car” registration form. If your vehicle sells, a $55 “Seller’s Fee” will be deducted from your check. You may pick up your check at the auction or we will mail the proceeds to you. Checks are available one week after the sale.  If you want to come in person for pick up please call to confirm your check is ready.
We accept vehicle deliveries on MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY from 9:00AM to  2:00PM. We cannot accept vehicles on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.

If you have any questions about our “Sell Your Car” program, please contact us at 603-893-7777.
*Note: All green light sales are subject to arbitration. Buyers who purchase your vehicle have the right to return the vehicle to Interstate Auto Auction for reasons of engine or transmission failure. In the event that Interstate Auto Auction agrees with the arbitration issue, the sale will be cancelled and no sale proceeds will be issued to the seller. All arbitration issues must be presented to Interstate Auto Auction prior to issuance of seller’s check.  If your vehicle does not sell after two Auctions you must remove the vehicle from the property the following business day.



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Interstate Auto Auction
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