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At Interstate Auto Auction you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. All vehicles in our "Green Light' sale have been test driven by our auction staff review our cars online. Any vehicle not meeting minimum standards for safety and that have a motor or transmission that need to be completly replaced are not allowed in our "Green Light" sale. Buyers have the additional protection of a limited time refund policy should your purchase prove to have an engine or transmission failure. Please see our bidder registration form for more details on our refund policy.

Important Information Before You Bid

We want all our potential customers to understand we care about you and want you to have a great experience.  Part of that involves some information that will be obvious to the majority of you, but still important information before you bid.  This is a consignment Auction and we do not release the sellers information due to privacy policy.

Only at Interstate Auto Auction will you save thousands of dollars when, "Buying Like the Dealers Do".  Although this is an incredible opportunity, "Buying Like the Dealers Do" may not necessarily be for all of us.  This is because some persons do not contend with the inherent responsibility that comes with buying a wholesale priced vehicle at Auction.  These Green Light vehicles run and drive are a good platform to build upon, but they will need additional care to become amazing daily drivers.  In other words these Green Light vehicles are not in perfect condition needing just a couple hundred dollars worth of fixes.  Simply put, thinking you are buying a perfect vehicle is not a realistic approach to have.  However, what is realistic is that if you take the time to research the vehicles you want, discover the retail prices at dealerships and create a budget for potential fixes you will understand better how much money you will save off the dealership price before you bid.  Even better is if you know how to turn a wrench and are mechanically savvy you can save yourself even more money by cutting out the labor costs.  In either scenario you are in a great position to save thousands and have a reliable vehicle that will hopefully last you years to come.  This can further be helped by you researching the vehicle history, understanding what the average cost is to fix Auction vehicles (listed below) and most importantly by coming in person and test driving the vehicles before hand.  Many of our customers who have done this almost always are winners and if you follow these suggestions you will give yourself the best chance to have a positive experience.  This is the ultimate goal for all of us. 
If this is your first time buying a car at Auction please pause and imagine yourself buying like a Dealer.  The excitement of bidding in the crowd combined with lower prices than anywhere else saving you thousands off the retail price.  Of course after you purchase a vehicle it will be time to fix some items; so it's best to have some money set aside for the fixes.  Yes, it is possible that you could get lucky and win a vehicle at Auction that is near perfect without having to put any money into it except maybe a couple hundred dollars.  We have learned this over the years when returning customers have come back to share their personal experiences with us.  However, it is always best no matter how great a vehicle seems to be that you understand these vehicles usually need fixes that average $300 - $1,000 for general sedans (such as like Honda's, Dodge, Ford's, Chevy, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Scion Toyota ect). In addition to this fixes usually expect to be double that average of general sedans when you win any Truck, SUV or high end luxury vehicles (Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Land Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo ect).  This is due mainly to cost of parts and the time of labor.  For example, four new ties on a Honda Civic may only cost only $400, but on a Ford F-150 four new tires will be $800.  Another example, is if a check engine light comes on and the vehicle has something common such as a evap code.  If you have a Chevy sedan this should be a simple fix that will only will $50-$100.  However, if you have a Mercedes with the same evap code will be a more intricate fix that is $300-$500.  So it is important to take into consideration what kind of vehicle you are purchasing for fixes before you bid.  Regardless, if you utilize this average range above and understand this is normal when buying Green Light Cars you can plan ahead. 

With this information you can even save more money when you come and test drive in person prior to bidding.  When you test drive on our 11 Acer site you can learn so much more about the vehicle by seeing it in person.  This will help you choose the price you should bid and since we have vehicles for everyone's budget you will be best prepared for virtually any scenario that comes your way. 

It's safe to say that customers who follow these suggestions have a great advantage.  This is the key to what a dealer does to be successful.  You research, buy low, fix the cars issues and save thousands of dollars in the process.  This is your chance to turn the tables on the car dealers and stop paying those high retail prices.  You can save thousands doing it yourself or pay thousands more and have a dealer do it for you.  It's your money, it's your choice.



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